About Us

Welcome to Hope Church

We are a Church of England church in the beautiful garden town of Bicester Oxfordshire. Planted from Emmanuel Bicester, we are based on the Elmsbrook Estate (affectionately named the ‘Eco Town’).  We aim to bring God’s hope and purpose to every one of our church gatherings, through the work of the Holy Spirit and the power of the message of the gospel. We believe that wherever people are deeply rooted and planted in their faith, they will be like oak trees, steadfast and able to stand in a world we know contains great joy and also great challenge.  Our prayer for everyone who comes to Hope Church, echoes that of the Apostle Paul in Romans 15:13 


“Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”,

“We are becoming who we will be - forever.”

- Dallas Willard -

Cultural Values

The Core Values of Hope Church must be more than professed ideals. For them to change us, they must become our culture. This is why you will hear us speak more about ‘culture’ than values. We desire to be culture changing people and seek to grow in our community 


We consider honour a foundational value on which Hope Church is built; that as we learn to treat each other well in the model of Jesus,  we will learn together, love together and even challenge each other, as we encounter God within a culture that places a high value on every single person.


We believe in Celebration. From the first miracle of Jesus to his last meal on earth, Jesus teaches celebration, not to mention the promise and invitation to the great wedding feast that we as believers are destined for in heaven.


The bible tells us that we are made in the image of God, a God who is ultimately creative, and we therefore believe that every human being is creative by nature. We love to make space for this creativity within our worship services, social activities and the day to day life of Hope Church. ,


We believe that the single most powerful act in which a Christian can participate is the act of prayer. We believe in the power of prayer to change culture, our own lives, and to establish God’s kingdom here on earth. 


We love to worship! Whether through music, prayer, activity or contemplation, we believe we are hard wired as human beings to worship and that we will therefore always worship something. We believe a culture of worship is essential to the health and life of every believer and as we direct our worship to the One whom it was always intended, we will find freedom, joy and satisfaction


We believe in a generous God, in a kingdom that never runs out, and we long to see this heavenly reality worked out here on earth. We believe in giving, in tithing and in the principle that you cannot out-give God and that as we grow in generosity we will see the fruit in our lives and in others


We believe God speaks today, that He spoke through his Prophets in the Old Testament, through Jesus, His disciples and the early church, and that as inheritors of the gift of the Holy Spirit,  God continues to speak to His church


We live in an information age.  People have questions and access to endless opinions about the nature of existence, God and humankind. We believe engaging with those questions is important. 

"Hurry is the greatest enemy to the Spiritual Life"
- John Mark Comer


We believe in the biblical commandment to rest, and take it seriously in a world which has forgotten how to do so. We all know that when our cups are empty we have nothing to give and yet we believe that rest is possible even today


We believe in family, whether single or married, young or old, our identity is shaped and found in the relationships we have. We place value on those relationships and seek to deepen our community beyond acquaintances as the family of God. 


We believe the biblical model of church life is one of community, not just Church attendance on a Sunday. We want to develop a culture that holds each other up and lives day to day life together 


We believe in the commandment of Jesus to ‘go make disciples’ and we know the harvest is plentiful. We hope to be diligent workers of the field for the sake of all those God created and whom He loves

As a church planted on an Eco town we acknowledge the work we need to do as Christians to meet the 5th mark of mission   (as outlined by the Church of England) in regards to Creation care. As Rowan Williams puts it:

“Our present ecological crisis, the biggest single practical threat to our human existence in the middle to long term, has, religious people would say, a great deal to do with our failure to think of the world as existing in relation to the mystery of God, not just as a huge warehouse of stuff to be used for our convenience.”